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Shelly Wong


The script was a page turner. I found the subject-matter fascinating. It's dark and difficult material to write about but you didn't flinch. I really loved the script and I think it's going to make a powerful film – EuroScript Script Report, Fenella Greenfield.



'This script told a unique and promiscuous story with taste and talent. The story itself felt complete and had a satisfying yet unpredictable ending. The creation and application of such realistic characters really drove the entire script and helped the reader visualize the scenes as they played out. Each character was unique and carried their own story line to the fullest of its potential. One of the reasons the story feels so real is that most of the characters are well-rounded and all show their weaknesses and faults, just as humans do. Their dynamic relationships, particularly that of Martin and Claudie, were very powerful, well written and not over killed with too much dialogue. The way in which their love scenes were described, though graphic, were also very loving and full of passion, which was essential in keeping the entire script from becoming sleazy. Overall, the major elements that are necessary for a script to be successful are present here and any additions to further drafts could only be an improvement – BlueCat Analsyis. Reader #8011


Although slow moving and minimal on dialogue, it is beautifully composed - I felt like I was reading Wuthering Heights mixed with Heavenly Creatures - broody sensibilities contrasting with the lead character’s innocence and love. I’m really impressed by it. - Annabelle Robertson Producer at Stolen Picture.

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